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Weekly Spotlight: Nate Johnson

Get to know the faces and stories of our 90+ community!

"I’m grateful to everyone for their support & for trusting us in the development of their player."

Having played since a young age, Nate Johnson is no stranger to the ups and downs of youth soccer. Some of his earliest memories of the game include scoring his first own-goal as well as the time he was playing goalie and his mom yelled at him to tie his shoe, resulting in the other team scoring. He also remembers the proud moment when he got handed his first captain's armband.

Nate always had a love for the game and when he discovered his passion for working with kids, coaching was the perfect combination.

Nate sees coaching as an opportunity to leave a positive impact on as many players as possible and to help them grow into the most effective versions of themselves. In 2019, Nate took this notion one step further by establishing 90+ Training, allowing him to have a greater, more targeted impact on his players.

Despite challenging him on the business side of things, 90+ Training has allowed Nate to foster meaningful relationships with players and their families. Looking forward, Nate hopes to continue to build this community and share the essence of the 90+ brand; Strong work ethic that extends far beyond the time constraints of a soccer match.

When he's not coaching or engaging with the 90+ community, Nate enjoys listening to podcasts, having meaningful conversations with friends and cooking healthy meals. He also enjoys rollerblading, working out at Orange Theory and doing yoga.

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