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Weekly Spotlight: Rosie Calhoun

"I came away feeling like I had some really great moments and learned about things I still have to work on."

(Rosie, left, playing at ECNL National Playoffs)

Rosie Calhoun, 13, played in the ECNL National Playoffs last weekend with her team, Concorde Fire '08 ECNL Platinum. The tournament, which changes locations each year, took place in Sarasota, Florida and was attended by elite clubs from across the nation.

Rosie was happy with her individual and team's overall performance but regrets that the games were cut short due to inclement weather. Her favorite part of the experience was the goal she scored, the good tackles she put in and the team bonding over dinner, bowling and the beach.

In preparation for the event, Rosie focused on developing her fitness, finishing and touch. Through her training with NinetyPlus, Rosie has seen her confidence and tactical skills improve on the field. Over the past two years, Rosie has built a relationship with Nate and enjoys his, "nice but tough" coaching style.

Outside of soccer, Rosie practices Aerial Silk, a type of performance involving aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling.

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