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Weekly Spotlight: Evan Schroeder

"Nate treated me like a friend, not just a dude he was training, and that really helped build a relationship between us."

Evan Schroeder, 16, is one of the few players who has trained with Nate before and after the creation of 90+ Training. Evan, who now plays for Atlanta United u17's, experienced the 90+ transition first-hand. Whether it was an upgrade in equipment or a new type of drill, he says the sessions have only improved since then.

Appreciative of his player-to-coach relationship, Evan recalled that one of his fondest memories with 90+ happened off the field. This memory involved a home visit from Coach Nate and a box of UK chocolates for Evan's mother who was battling breast cancer.

Evan, who aspires to play professionally, has seen the benefits of hard work and consistency. Through his training with 90+ Evan realized the importance of focusing on his own strengths and building on his weaknesses.

When he's not training, Evan enjoys listening and playing music, playing video games and lifting weights.

Follow Evan in Instagram @brynmorr to see where his soccer journey takes him.

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