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Weekly Spotlight: Maria Howell

"Fall in love with the game first and everything else will follow."

This fall, student-athlete Maria Howell will start her third year at Georgia State University where she is pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Psychology.

Maria recently joined 90+ Training as a digital media manager and part-time trainer. She uses her background in journalism, experience in high-level soccer and knowledge of the social media landscape to engage with and serve the 90+ community.

As a dual national between USA and Argentina, Maria is a native Spanish speaker who enjoys the unique perspective she gains from her international family. Every year, she travels to Buenos Aires to spend time with family and of course, enjoy the delicious cuisine.

Raised in Marietta, Maria played for Concorde Fire and Tophat's ECNL teams. In those years, as a student in Campbell High School's IB program, Maria learned to juggle her rigorous coursework and busy soccer schedule. In her junior year, she was recruited to play at GSU, a Division I program in downtown Atlanta.

When she's not playing, studying or working with NinetyPlus, Maria enjoys exploring the Atlanta Beltline with her friends and experimenting in the kitchen with different vegetarian recipes.

Keep up to date with Maria's latest work at 90+ by engaging with our latest posts, stories and reading the weekly Spotlight stories!

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